ESM22 Sunday Ticket

€ 15,00 € 14,00
ESM22 Sunday Ticket

E30 Summer Meet 2022 powered by Tim's Classic Parts Sunday Ticket.

Attention: Do you want to pay with PayPal? Please, first send an E-Mail to webmaster@e30summermeet.nl

Included in the ticket:

  • Admission for Sunday august 21st
  • Use WC/Showers
  • All activities on Sunday

The online presale prices in 2022 are:

  • until August 1, 2022: €12 p.p.
  • 1 to 7 August 2022: €13 p.p.
  • 8 to 14 August 2022: €14 p.p.

Unlimited tickets are available at the entrance ticket office on Sunday for €15 per person (regardless of whether or not you have a car).
Kids up to 12 years old have free admission on Sundays.

There will be no more pre-sale Sunday Tickets available after August 15!


  1. Enter the full names of all participants in the entry field! If you order 3 tickets, you must provide 3 names.
  2. Print out your order confirmation and bring it with you, this is your ticket!
  3. BMW E30 Club Nederland members receive a €10 discount on the ticket, this discount only applies to members, so put these tickets separately in the shopping cart.
  4. The cards are not transferable! You buy tickets per person, regardless of whether you come with or without a car.

For more information, see www.e30summermeet.nl or www.facebook.com/E30SummerMeet